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Every Donation Helps

LOTUS Legal Clinic provides legal and empowerment to survivors of trafficking and sexual violence at no cost to the client.

We are funded entirely by individual donations, federal grants, and foundational support, which allows us to provide comprehensive, high-quality service to our clients. Every donation helps us aid more survivors in Wisconsin. 

Consider a Monthly Donation

We are so grateful for every donation, and honored to have your trust in realizing your values through our mission. Please consider maximizing the impact of your donation by becoming a recurring, monthly donor to LOTUS Legal Clinic. Monthly donations allow us to plan for our future, ensuring that we have the resources to provide the high-quality, comprehensive services that our clients deserve. ​

Become a Monthly Donor Today

Your $50 monthly donation to LOTUS will sponsor ONE survivor to participate in the Untold Stories writers workshop, giving them the opportunity to share their work at events like the Untold Stories Spring Showcase and the Woodland Pattern Book Company annual poetry slam. ​

We understand that circumstances may change; you are under no obligation and can adjust the amount or cancel your donation at any time.


“Being part of Untold Stories literally changed my life. When I saw
the artwork made for my poetry I was so touched, it brought me to
tears. They perfectly depicted how I felt in those moments.”

~ 2020 Untold Stories


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I am inspired by
survivors, by the
audacious act of
resilience and by
communities of
people drawing
towards each other
with commitment
in a world that so
often threatens to
divide us.

-Robyn Vining, Wisconsin State Representative

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