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Through legal counsel and therapeutic art programming, LOTUS Legal Clinic supports survivors of sexual violence and human trafficking as they move toward a better future.


Our Services

LOTUS believes in survivor-centered, self-determined justice and healing through creative legal and humanities-based pathways that address harm, disrupt systemic barriers to well-being, and provide meaningful platforms for survivor engagement and leadership. 

Our legal services include: Crime victims' rights enforcement, criminal record relief, immigration representation for survivors of human trafficking and/or sexual violence, civil restraining orders, school & workplace advocacy & protections, and consumer law issues related to victimization.

We do not handle family law, child custody litigation, or criminal defense.

Valuing a wholistic approach to survivor wellness, LOTUS' therapeutic art programs aim to engage, empower, and heal survivors through the practice of literary art and unique collaborations with local artists working in the community

We provide both in-person and virtual training for legal systems stakeholders and direct service providers. We tailor the content of our presentations to meet the specific needs of the audience. 

For legal system stakeholders, we are able to discuss and answer questions on best practices when providing trauma-informed legal services to survivors of human trafficking and sexual violence. 

Untold Stories

The Untold Stories writers workshop is nationally recognized for its innovative approach that combines art therapy, creative writing, and law to help survivors process their trauma, reclaim their autonomy, and emerge with a sense of purpose and strength. 

Visit our online 

The Untold Stories and Rise & Thrive magazines and prints are available for purchase in our store. Your purchase helps fund our programming. 

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There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. 

Maya Angelou

The World is Waiting to Hear Your Untold Story 

Are you ready to make a difference? Are you interested in participating in a future writing workshop? 

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