We are overwhelmed with grief for our Kenosha community and all communities of color in the wake of another senseless act of violence against a Black man. We send our thoughts of peace, healing and hope to Mr. Blake and his family as they start their journey of physical and emotional healing from this life altering trauma.


We are heartened by the leadership from the sports world tonight, who are garnering criticism for halting for ONE NIGHT of entertainment out of respect for and recognition of the EVERYDAY reality and lived experience for marginalized people, battling systemic and ingrained racism.  


But this leadership starkly reminds us that we are not powerless.  We can and must hold each other accountable and use our platforms: as professionals, lawyers, sisters, brothers, parents, yes and as people... no more or less powerful than the other - that this community, even this country, can overcome such bigotry and ignorance by learning from our mistakes and misdeeds and NOT REPEAT THEM.  


In our country, equity and fairness is codified: that no one person, no matter who, where, or when, is more important or more deserving than any other person.  That's already on the books.  LOTUS counts on it with every case. Now, we must demand that.  Even in our human imperfection, this equity and fairness MUST be applied. More noise, heartache, fires, and fear will do nothing to bring us closer to our goal.  We must act the words and sentiments we sometimes, as people of privilege, casually take for granted. What do you stand for? What will you do to make it happen? 


LOTUS is committed to supporting peaceful protesters, in spirit and in action, as they exercise their constitutionally protected rights.  If you have a question in this regard, you can call us.  But CHOOSE TO DO SOMETHING: love your family, speak truth to power, decide and then act so we don't lose one more husband, father or child to something preventable.  This is Kenosha. This is Wauwatosa. Where next? Be a positive part of some solution.  Connect with us, we want to do that too.