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Writer's Workshop and Survivor Empowerment Program

The Untold Stories writers workshop is nationally recognized for its innovative approach that combines art therapy, creative writing, and law to help survivors process their trauma, reclaim their autonomy, and emerge with a sense of purpose and strength. Upon completion of the workshop, writers are paired with a visual artist who brings their stories to life through a variety of mediums, ranging from fiber arts to photography to paintings. The writings and visual art are then published in the annual Untold Stories magazine, which becomes a tangible realization of the journey from victim to survivor to thriver. This process culminates in the Spring Showcase, an event that gives us an opportunity to hold space for the survivor experience and celebrate their success.


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Rise and Thrive: A Lives in Landscape Exhibition

This fall, visual artist Brianna Joy Seipel and filmmaker Michael Snowden have collaborated to create Rise and Thrive: a Lives in Landscape Exhibition. For this series, Brianna Joy Seipel worked with Untold Story survivor writers to explore how the natural world shapes our healing and our identities. This series honors the stories and celebrate the spirits of these individuals who have learned what it means to rise, and thrive. 

The 2020 Rise and Thrive magazine is available for purchase in our online STORE.

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